UVSS is a revolutionary vehicle license plate capture system. The systems patented design delivers clear pictures of the license plates of vehicles irrespective of ambient lighting conditions – high or low, day or night, front or back, headlight on or off. In effect, the system eliminates the normal operational limitations of the standard and more expensive conventional license capture cameras currently available within the marketplace.

UVSS is part of the new Identifier Series of camera systems from IC Real time. Eliminating the risk of pre-emptive positioning guesswork in order to obtain the best camera position to obtain a license plate image, the UVSS is easily located to provide optimum recording results.

The UVSS works perfectly in all weather conditions and is available in single, double or six camera configurations. The cameras are both front and rear facing. This type of configuration permits images to be captured from both the front and rear facing license plates of vehicles.

The system is capable of interpreting images from the complete range of license plates available and irrespective of whether these plates are reflective or non-reflective in design.